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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

You Bite It, You Write It

I have no idea how many journals I have and I have a stack of new ones that have not even been written in yet. My grandfather loved journaling so I’m sure I got it from him. I have journals that are diaries, wish lists, one for eating, etc. I have to admit it’s easier to write about your thoughts and dreams than it is to write about what you ate for lunch or at happy hour! I could easily start a blog about my trials & tribulations on how I lost 50 lbs, but guess what? I haven’t lost 50 lbs, so there goes that blog! The reason why I jot down what I’m eating is because I noticed a slower metabolism creeping up. Writing it down helps me figure out if I’m eating too much sugar, too many carbs, too much fat or just not eating (the “not eating” part doesn’t really exist). What I like about my food journal is that it puts me in my place (sometimes). Instead of eating 5 pieces of chocolate, I’ll eat one piece. I don’t like the idea of having to write the number of pieces I’ve eaten, so I’ll just eat one (I know for some of you, it would be difficult to stop at just one). There are definitely days where I break all the rules and my journal entry for the day reads like this, “ATE TOO MUCH!” C’mon people, I’m not a Foodie Goodie Two Shoes!

In case you were wondering, the cookie in the picture is a Snickerdoodle (thanks to Milk & Cookies Bakery in NYC). This delicious treat did end up in my journal as my afternoon snack today!

For my tri-athlete and marathon friends who are reading this posting, you can all stop laughing your skinny behinds off!!


  1. Not sure if my last post went in computer acting goofy. Well, laughing burns calories so I bet they are laughing their skinny butts off. heehee. kepp blogging my friend.

  2. I did a 'food diary' for a few weeks one time (long long ago!) - i noticed it made me eat healthier and exercise more - unfortunately i didnt keep up with it - maybe i should start again! Good luck with it!


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