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Just a few of my Goods! I think I heard one of my cards say, "Take me home!"

Monday, December 29, 2008

Lost in Translation!

A few weeks ago I received a box of what was supposed to be bottles (because my day job consists of me playing with packaging and all sorts of fun stuff). When I opened the box from my Asian supplier, my bottles magically became a pair of waders. Yes, WADERS! I was laughing so hard because all I could think of is the guy who ordered his waders has now ended up receiving my plastic containers instead! When I called my US based contact to tell him what happened, I heard the phone drop and heard an uproarious laughter in the background. When he finally came to, he had no idea how the mix up happened because they don’t make waders! I’m sure now; I’ll be learning to fly fish or something!?! The only problem is that the waders are so large, that if were to wear them, I would definitely go missing. The moral of the story is that in some countries the words Bottles and Bottoms apparently rhyme.


  1. That's hilarious! I thought that stuff only happended to me! Great story. = )

  2. Yes, the picture alone made me laugh!!

  3. I thought it was a post about weight loss just by looking at the photo....lol! I wanted to know what diet had worked so well for you!


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