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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Best of the West!

My all time favorite city is San Francisco! I just got back from vacation there and did not want to leave. It was awesome to see my relatives and so many of my friends who now live there. Not sure why I have such a love affair with it (by the photo you can see why)? I used to frequent the Bay area when my grandparents were alive, maybe what I love about the city are the memories. They bring me such warm and fuzzy feelings. I hope one day to find my way to the West Coast (hmm.. I wonder when the next Gold Rush will be?).

"You know what it is?
San Francisco is a golden handcuff
with the key thrown away."

- John Steinbeck


  1. That's a great picture! Looks like you caught San Francisco on one of the rare days without all the fog!

  2. I miss the ocean. Not enough to leave the desert, but it is lovely.

  3. Thanks for the nice comment!
    I love and miss San Fran too. We used to visit at least once a year but now we live too far away!

  4. Lucky you! I was in San Francisco years ago and I loved it. I'd love to go back.

  5. I've never been to San Francisco, but I love the beach. We live about 3 hours from Corpus Christi, so we go there a few times a year! Great pic too! Thanks for sharing!


  6. Wonderful memories of a trip to San Francisco - it's a great city. Visited Muir Woods (SP?).... awesome! I hope to go back to SF one of these days....

  7. I love and miss SF! We used to live in Sacramento, so it was really easy to visit SF. My fave part there is the park and JapanTown.


  8. I haven't been there since I was a little kid.. and considering I'm on the West coast.. it's been too long! I need to go! Glad to hear you had such a good trip! ;)

  9. Time is getting away from me, but I was so glad to have some time today and come for a visit!!!!!! I love your cards, especially the sushi one. I love Girls Night Out and seeing and meeting everyone---I try to live by no regrets----I really want to blog about the night WITH pictures--I regret I didn't take any----but, on the bright side I remembered to turn the timer on---so we weren't in the dark!!!!!!!!


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